On successful completion of this program, graduates develop the following skills.

  • 1. Ablity to Analyse – it helps to analysie any problem and offer an immediate solution. He should be alert mentally.
  • Sociability- It makes to be reciprocate to do the work wholeheartedly with social responsibilities.
  • Practising what is preached- it brings a
    • Communications – Select, use and integrate communication skills to develop informative using oral and written communication and language, quantitative and technological literacy.
    • Analysis & Decision Making – Bring a unique business perspective to the analysis of organizational issues through adaptation of frameworks and tools that assist business decision making.
    • Understand sustainability within organizational contexts, decisions and business practices. Integrate personal, professional and community values in a decision-making context as a member of an organization.
    • Social Interaction – Use appropriate interpersonal and group theory to deal with inter-personal, team, stakeholder and professional situations to inform, persuade and influence.
    • Citizenship, Sustainability, & Global Perspectives - Understand corporate social responsibility within organizational contexts and the social role and impacts of organizations.