About NCAS

Located in the suburbs of Chennai, just 15 minutes from Avadi, which houses India's only Army tank factory and depot, Nazareth College of Arts and Science is uniquely positioned to contribute to, and draw from, the strength and diversity of this sublime metropolis.


Our faculty and students are forerunners, creators, teachers, researchers, and change agents. We believe in what Mahatma Gandhi said, You must be the change you want to see in the world. We encourage right questioning for right change!


Our academic programs are known for their emphasis on self-thinking and broad exposure to the full range of intellectual discovery. Our College classrooms have a reputation for being centers of intellectual and social development. Discussions that start in the classroom often move to the corridors, to the lunch table, and into the community someday.


At Nazareth we seriously encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship; this is exemplified in establishing a special business learning centre, where students are motivated to learn the fundamentals of doing business, this in fact has led to the creation of several entrepreneurs who once were scribbling in the very desks of this institution. They form the backbone of our industry strong alumni.