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The Department of Business Administration was started in the year 2001 with 3 students and has currently more than 150 students and 4 faculty members. The department has consistently taken efforts to improve the standards of teaching combining the traditional and modern methodologies with pragmatic learning. The students are exposed to the business concepts and are also given opportunities to experience the learning concepts in the realistic atmosphere. The department has various initiatives to its credit. Nazareth Business Learning Centre (NBLC), started in the year 2010, was a platform for the students to learn practically the intricacies of making products of the small-scale industry. The department also started a forum, Nazareth Business Forum (NBF) in the year 2014 for the students to interact with business magnets and learn the success and failures of running a business. The department association ensures that students are exposed to various business programmes and activities that can develop their interpersonal and communication skills and also develop their business acumen.