About the Course:
Literature contributes to the growth of individuals with self-confidence and a firm sense of social responsibility. It equips students with critical, analytical, conceptual and communication skills which will enable them to work in many professions like teaching, journalism, publishing, translate on and editing.

As per the curriculum prescribed in Madras University

Learning Outcome of the Course:

• Students will become accomplished active readers.
• They will be able to write effectively for a variety of professional and social settings.
• Students will develop an appreciation of how the formal elements of language and genre shape meaning.
• They will gain knowledge of the major traditions of literatures written in English, and an appreciation for the diversity of literary.
• Students will develop the ability to read works of literary, rhetorical, and cultural criticism, and deploy ideas from these texts in their own reading and writing.
• Students will demonstrate the skills needed to participate in a conversation that builds knowledge collaboratively.

Scope of the course:
English Literature offers lots of potential career paths. English degree graduates are most wanted where strong communication and writing in English Skills are top priorities. The study of English Literature develops variety of skills in students. It introduces skills such as effective written and verbal communication, time management, organizational skills, team work, independent studies and research and developing persuasive arguments in students. With these marketable skills, graduates get placed in a wide variety of professional areas. The specialty of English degree is providing its pursuers excellent employment prospects in teaching, publishing, advertising, journalism, the law, social work, business, politics, public relations, human resources and academia. It also exposes the students to new possibilities that enable them try wide range tangle of career options.

Head of the Department: Ms.Hema.V M.A., M. Phil., B.Ed.,


Ms. Hema. V

Completed M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil. Ms. Hema. V, has 20 years of teaching experience in secondary and tertiary education. Her publication of research articles span more than 10 journals. Linguistics, Phonetics, Modern English Grammar are her areas of interest. Ecology is her present interest in the field of research. She is pursuing a doctorate degree on Eco-criticism. She is skilled at academic as well less administrative business. She implements innovative methods in spearheading the department. She focuses on active listening and pragmatic learning in her methodologies. She believes in team spirit and Herculean toil.

Ms. Princy John

Completed M.A., M.A (Ling)., M.Phil., Ms. Princy John, has nine years of experience in teaching. She has been post graduate in Linguistics recently. She takes interest in teaching literary forms to the students so that they would be familiar with the rudiments of literature. She updates her knowledge in which literary journals published from time to time. She always base her methodology on the strategy that deals with learners academic difficulties.

Mr. Rajesh. D

Completed M.A., Mr. Rajesh, D earned his post graduation in American literature from Annamalai University. He has 10 years of teaching experience. His area of interest in research includes cultural studies, psychoanalysis in literature and fiction in the present context. His ongoing research is about identifying America novelist Steinbeck’s writing with naturalism. His methodology is centred on elevating below average students to the level of taking initiatives on their own. He is ever concerned with innovative ways of teaching.

Ms. Archana G.M

Completed M.A. M.Ed., M.Phil., Ms. Archana G.M, has seven years of teaching experience in college. She is interested in learning recent trends of exploration in post modern British literature. She is skilled in analysing plays and making students take interest in them. She completed her masters of philosophy in ELT that gave rise to many brilliant ideas of simplicity in the ways of teaching English to the non-native speakers of English.

Ms. Gladlin P.Nissi

Completed M.A., M.Phil., Ms. Gladlin P.Nissi, has been serving as an Assistant Professor for four years. Her teaching methodology redirects learners’ energy towards enthusiastic learning. American literature is her chief interest in scholastic area. Her objective in teaching is not only familiarising students with it but also taking them to the highly elevated creative plan. Her aim is to introduce the greatness of literature with its relevance to the present context to the modern learner.

Pandiyan. R

Completed Completed M.A., D.T.Ed., B.Ed., Pandiyan. R, has been serving as an Assistant Professor for the past two years. He has published an article in a research journal and presented paper in a Conference. He has attended workshops. He is interested in studying the recent trends and developments of Language, Linguistics and Phonetics. He is serving as an Eco Club Co-ordinator and organized programmes in regional level creating awareness on preserving nature. Recently, he is one of the members in IQAC.

Ms.Jayalakshmi. K

Completed M.A.,M.Phil., B.Ed Ms.Jayalakshmi. K, has presented papers in International, National and State Level Conferences and Seminars. She has published 10 articles in conference proceedings and 2 articles in international journals. She had 31/2 years teaching experience in autonomous institution and acted as a member in NSS, Exam Committee, IQAC and Study Circle Co-ordinator. She also acted as internal member in Board of Studies from March 2014- April 2017 and involved in framing syllabus for UG and PG Courses. She has organized Video-conference and Industrial Visits. So far, she has guided 10 PG Projects. Her area of interest is Literary Criticism, Research Methodology, Indian Writing in English and Post-colonial Studies. She is the Co-ordinator of Dramatics and Book Reading Club from August 2017.

Mr. Spurgeon Ben .B

Completed M.A. Mr. Spurgeon Ben, B, is serving as an Assistant Professor from the academic year 2017-18. He has published an article in Conference proceedings and participated in Conference, Seminars and Workshops. He is interested in British, American and Indian Literature. He has an active part in extracurricular activities. I served as an exam committee member.

Mr. V. Arun Theoder Raj

Completed M.A.M.Phil.,M.Sc (Counselling & Psychology) Mr. V. Arun Theoder Raj, has been serving as an Assistant Professor for three years. His teaching methodology redirects learners towards the wholistic growth and leadership quality. His area of interest is poetry, language studies and American literature. He has participated in seminars and workshops to update myself to the present literary styles. His aim is to liberate marginalised to equip and attain greatness.