Initiatives for Advance Learners [STRIVE FOR GREATER GOALS]:

• Appointing them as leaders in peer group teaching.
• Appointing them as office bearers in department associations.
• Engaging them in Research (Qualitative and Quantitative).
• Encouraging them to take projects from industry.
• Deputing them for seminars, conference and workshops.
• Encouraging them to write articles and present papers.
• Assigning seminar topics beyond syllabus.
• Encouraging and deputing them for field visits and internships.
• Preparing them for competitive examinations.
• Assigning leadership roles to coordinate college programmes.
• Appointing them as members representing their department in Student Development Committee.

Initiatives for the Slow Learners:

• Remedial teaching: Remedial teaching is arranged for students who lag behind in core academic areas.
• Tutorials: The students meet the tutor to have a broader discussion of the particular topic or a unit from a course.
• Peer Mentoring (Advanced Learners): The advanced learners help the slow learners through group study and assist them in collecting notes.

B. Students Centric Teaching methods:

The College ensures that a rich learning experience is provided to all the students using alternate teaching pedagogy along with the traditional methods like experiential learning, participative learning and problem solving methodologies. ICT is extensively used in teaching/learning all UG final years; PG students do power point presentation for seminars.

C. Innovation and Creativity in teaching – learning

The biggest challenge for any teacher is to capture student’s attention, and convey ideas effectively that creates a lasting impression. The institution encourages every teacher to tackle this challenge effectively by implementing innovative and creative learning methods that make the classroom experience much more lovable for the students. Apart from the traditional teaching learning method, Lecture Method, used by the teachers, various other innovative and creative pedagogies are used.

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