• 1. The Library has been equipped with more than 6000 quality books on general fields and subjects.
  • 2. Students should handle the books and papers very carefully.
  • 3. Do not mark anything on the books / papers / periodicals.
  • 4. Failure to return books in time will entail a fine of Rs.10/- per book per day.
  • 5. Books on demand will be issued in the order of the date of requisition letters.
  • 6. Reference books and periodicals will not be issued.
  • 7. No dues certificate from the library will be issued only after surrendering the library card.
  • 8. Books should not be lent to anyone inside or outside the College.
  • 9. Books will not be issued without library card. Only one book will be issued against a library card.
  • 10. Students are expected to maintain silence in the library otherwise disciplinary action will be taken against misbehavior.
  • 11. Kindly replace the referred materials in the respective places after use.
  • 12. Do not move tables and chairs from its place.
  • 13. Books must be replaced if it is lost.
  • 14. A fine of Rs.50/- will be collected per card if it is lost.


Book Challenge

Students and Staff are invited to take part in the reading initiative. A student/member of faculty can choose 3 books which is recorded in the log book at the library. A short summary is to be submitted at the time of returning the books. The students /Staff who have completed the challenge will receive a certificate and their review will be included in the library newsletter.

Know Your Library

This is arranged for the new batch of students every year wherein an orientation is given to them about the library and general rules and regulations.

Library Outreach – Moving Library – CSR

The CSR activity will be initiated from this academic year. The library will all have a moving library wherein general informative books or humour books that discriminative knowledge and information to the community around the college.

Institutional Membership:

The NCAS library has an institutional membership with British Council Library, Chennai.

Library Week Celebration

The library week celebrations will take place from Dec 1st to December 5th every year. Various events like oratorical competition, find the book and special lecture will be held

Career Corner

NCAS has resources and model questions to prepare students for civil services and competitive exams.

UGC/NET/SET Resource Lecture:

NCAS has resources and model questions as well as training/ workshops for NET/SET examinations.

Best Library User Award

To motivate the students to make use of library and its services, “Library User Award” has been started from 2015 – 2016. Students are selected on their visitation and the number of books readers borrow from the library recorded in the library user register.

Display Board

Information discrimination is the primary objective of library. Major events related to Library, information & exam etc will be displayed on the notice board.

Book Exhibition:

This is an annual event conducted in partnership with all book shops for students in NCAS, neighbouring colleges, schools and community with the purpose of exposing the high achievers to the intellectual atmosphere of academicians and practitioners who make an influencing speech during their visit.

Annual Commemorative Lecturer:

This initiative will be launched from this academic year to expose the high achievers to interact with academicians and practitioner, who will deliver a commemorative speech.