Staff Publications – ISBN allotted - 2018-19

1 A Handbook for Resource Management Techniques (RMT) K. Alamelu This book provides a basic knowledge in OR and help the students in preparing themselves for the exam. Effort has been made to simplify the technical material without distorting it and has been made easy to understand with the use of simple language.
2 A Handbook for Allied Mathematics-I Ms. S. Sudha & Ms. E.F Beulah Angeline The Handbook contains all formula, equation, terms and definitions used in BCA and BSC computer science courses. It covers areas of mathematics like algebra, trigonometry, differential calculus, matrices and theory of equations. The book caters to the needs of student in simple language. Important results and formulas are given for each problem.
3 Academic Enrichment Mini Research Dr. Mary Angeline Santhosam This book aims to bring out the mini research of students and faculty to enrich the research culture in Nazareth College of Arts and Science.
4 Moral Science For Beginners Dr. Mary Angeline Santhosam This book helps the reader understand the basic moral behaviours with respect to family, teachers, students and society.
5 Field work Practice: A Guideline for Professional Social workers Dr. Umesh Samuel Jebaseelan & Dr. Mary Angeline Santhosam This book will save as a guide to social work trainee, faculty and agencies, Supervision to understand plan execute fieldwork curriculum.

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