Welcome to UNAI Nazareth College of Arts and Science!

Nazareth College of Arts and Science (India) is now a member of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI)! Please find attached the membership guidelines and a certificate confirming your membership in UNAI. You join some 1470 institutions in 146 countries who are working with the United Nations to promote global priorities, including peace, human rights, and sustainable development. As a UNAI member, you are required to carry out at least one activity in support of UNAI and its ten principles during a calendar year. Please keep us informed about all your UNAI-related activities, which we would like to highlight in our Newsletter and on the website. You are also expected to submit an annual report after the end of the calendar year highlighting your UNAI-related activities. As a member, you are authorized to use the UNAI member logo on your website and on materials related to activities undertaken as a UNAI member. Indeed, we ask you to display the UNAI member logo in this way.

The UNAI member logo in all six United Nations official languages can be found on the UNAI website here. Please note that membership in UNAI in no way constitutes an accreditation or endorsement by the United Nations of the member institutions, their activities or services, or their officials or other personnel. Membership in UNAI does not entitle member institutions to use the United Nations name and/or emblem in connection with their activities except when making factual statements that they are members of UNAI. Use of the UNAI logo in any way that is contrary to the UNAI member logo guidelines is strictly prohibited, in particular, the commercial use of the logo, and any such use will be grounds for immediate revocation of membership as well as additional legal action by the United Nations. UNAI members are not authorized to use the United Nations logo, which is reserved solely for the use of the Organization pursuant to General Assembly Resolution A/Res/1/I. Unauthorized use of the of the UN logo is grounds for immediate revocation of membership as well as additional legal action by the United Nations.