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•Nazareth Update  | • B.Ed Admission Open - Contact : 75502 10918 / 73582 13498.

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About Us

Nazareth College of Arts And Science History

Nazareth Nursery School was established in 1976 with just seven children. Over the years, it has experienced tremendous growth, now accommodating more than 9,000 students. The C&D Educational Trust is instrumental in developing, formulating, and implementing various activities that impart education with a deep sense of social upliftment and communal harmony.

In 2000, Nazareth College of Arts and Science was founded, offering non-conventional and job-oriented courses. Each course has been carefully selected with due consideration to the national agenda on employment.

Being The Change

Our faculty and students are pioneers, innovators, educators, researchers,  and change agents. We are inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s words, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” We foster an environment that encourages critical questioning for meaningful change.

Influencing Minds

Our academic programs are renowned for their emphasis on independent thinking and comprehensive exposure to a wide range of intellectual pursuits. Nazareth classrooms are celebrated as hubs of intellectual and social development. Conversations sparked in the classroom often extend to the hallways, the lunch tables, and eventually into the broader community.

Entrepreneurship Development

At Nazareth, we wholeheartedly encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship. This commitment is exemplified by our dedicated business learning centre, where students are inspired to master the fundamentals of business. This initiative has nurtured numerous entrepreneurs who began their journeys at our institution. They now constitute the robust backbone of our industry-strong alumni network.

Our Trust
Vision & Mission
Office Bearers

Nazareth College is part of a large educational group known as Nazareth, managed by the C&D Trust. The vision of this trust is to provide education of the highest quality, equipping students to face life’s challenges with responsibility, character, and value-based education. True to its vision, Nazareth exemplifies multidisciplinary educational excellence, social responsibility, values and ethics, and a nurturing environment. For over two decades, this mission has been pursued with dedication, transforming each child into a responsible and purposeful citizen.

Our goal is to build enriched, socially responsible citizens and leaders through quality higher education.

  • Dr. (Mrs) Chandra David – Founder Trustee & Chairperson
  • Mr. Henry Maris – Managing Trustee & Secretary
  • Mrs. Sophia Maris – Managing Trustee


To develop enriched, socially responsible citizens and leaders through quality higher education.


  1. To offer premier resources for imparting the highest quality education, transforming into a holistic, multidisciplinary institution.
  2. To provide students with practical exposure to meet the challenges of global competency and technological advancement.
  3. To deliver value-based and outcome-driven education for nation-building.
  4. To foster creativity, provide leadership training, and facilitate placements.
  5. To promote awareness and build human capacities in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  6. To actively engage students in community service and engagement initiatives.

Office Bearers of Nazareth is one of the crucial committees responsible for the happiness of the students’ college life. We are a bunch of motivated individuals who believe that a college should have its equal share of fun & frolic along with studies. It’s an attempt to capture the vibrant persona of the students by offering them a platform to showcase their inner musicians, dancers, actors, painters, writers, photographers, and dreamers.

We as a office bearers are responsible for keeping the spirits alive on the campus by organizing a multitude of cultural activities round the year. Be it a celebration of almost every festival or frequent open air jamming sessions we make sure that every event last in your memory for a lifetime.

Nazareth College of Arts And Science
Core Values

Quality Education

We are committed to delivering high-quality education to enhance academic performance and study skills, fostering the holistic development of our students. This approach aims to cultivate well-rounded individuals who are prepared to serve the nation as worthy citizens.

Global Competency

We equip our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate an evolving global landscape. Through international conferences, seminars, workshops, and collaborations with industries and institutions at both national and international levels, we prepare our students to meet challenges on a global scale.

Nation Building

Nation-building is a pivotal goal at Nazareth College of Arts and Science. Our value-based education encourages students to serve the nation and engage in extension activities that raise awareness about socially relevant issues, contributing to the development of local communities.

Creative Leadership

Our institution plays a crucial role in helping students identify and develop their leadership skills. We provide various platforms for students to showcase and refine these abilities, preparing them for success as leaders in all areas of life.


Industrial Tie Up

Milestone 2000 - 2019
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with APPPGM – SDG
  • Establishment of Nazareth SDG Transformation Centre
  • MoU with Handong Global University
  • National Cadet Corps permission granted from 13 Battalion, Tamil Nadu
  • Indian Development Foundation – National MoU Signed
  • YUVA, Chennai – National MoU Signed
  • Eye Open Technologies – Chennai


  • Coburg University, Germany – International MoU Signed
  • University of Malaysia, Sabah – International MoU Signed
  • Inauguration of new auditorium, digital lab, smart class, and computer service room
  • staff rooms renovated
  • B.Sc Computer Science – Shift II 
  • B.Sc Visual Communication and B.Com Corporate Secretaryship
  • Mosaic Ambrosia, USA – International MoU Signed
  • KDU University College, Malaysia – International MoU Signed
  • Sports – International level representation
  • Installation of history park and rejuvenated solar system (8.8 kW)
  • University of Bengkulu, Indonesia – International MoU Signed
  • Bharathidasan University Study Centre introduced
  • M.Com General
  • B.Com., B.B.A., B.C.A., and M.Sc. Computer Science – Shift. II
  • NAAC accredited with ‘B’ Grade, M.A. English
  • First PG course in Social Work
  • Establishment of 2 university ranks, inception of IQAC, M.Com. Accounting & Finance, and MSW
  • University ranks awarded
  • 1 University rank
  • B.Sc. Mathematics and M.Sc IT
  • Inception with B.Com., BBA, BCA, and B.Sc. Computer Science

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