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 •  College reopens on 18/07/2022(Monday) for II and III year students. | • Reopening date will be announced shortly for I year students +91 93840 80203

 •  College reopens on 18/07/2022(Monday) for II and III year students. | • Reopening date will be announced shortly for I year students

Scope Of The Course:

The esteemed job profiles that are offered are Human Resource manager, Finance Manager, Business consultant, Marketing manager. Some graduates can get placed in Financial Institutes, Marketing Organizations, Business Consultancies, and educational institutes with high packages


The Department of Business Administration was started in the year 2001 with 3 students and has currently more than 150 students and 4 faculty members. The department has consistently taken efforts to improve the standards of teaching combining the traditional and modern methodologies with pragmatic learning. The students are exposed to the business concepts and are also given opportunities to experience the learning concepts in the realistic atmosphere. The department has various initiatives to its credit. Nazareth Business Learning Centre (NBLC), started in the year 2010, was a platform for the students to learn practically the intricacies of making products of the small-scale industry. The department also started a forum, Nazareth Business Forum (NBF) in the year 2014 for the students to interact with business magnets and learn the success and failures of running a business. The department association ensures that students are exposed to various business programmes and activities that can develop their interpersonal and communication skills and also develop their business acumen.

About The Course:

Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is one of the most popular bachelor’s degrees. BBA combines business related courses and generic courses. BBA develops entrepreneurship. This degree course is about the management of a business, company or organisation. You are taught skills and in-depth knowledge of the business world, and all the intricate aspects of running a business. 

BBA graduates find excellent career opportunities right after college. There’s a lot more to this degree than just being a stepping stone for an MBAThe undergraduate course in business management is open for all three streams – science, arts and commerce – candidates.

Learning Outcome:

On successful completion of this program, graduates develop the following skills.
  • Ablity to Analyse – it helps to analysie any problem and offer an immediate solution. He should be alert mentally.
  • Sociability- It makes to be reciprocate to do the work wholeheartedly with social responsibilities.
  • Practising what is preached- it brings a Communications – Select, use and integrate communication skills to develop informative using oral and written communication and language, quantitative and technological literacy.
  • Analysis & Decision Making – Bring a unique business perspective to the analysis of organizational issues through adaptation of frameworks and tools that assist business decision making.
  • Understand sustainability within organizational contexts, decisions and business practices. Integrate personal, professional and community values in a decision-making context as a member of an organization.
  • Social Interaction – Use appropriate interpersonal and group theory to deal with inter-personal, team, stakeholder and professional situations to inform, persuade and influence.
  • Citizenship, Sustainability, & Global Perspectives – Understand corporate social responsibility within organizational contexts and the social role and impacts of organizations.


PO1: Knowledge of Business and Management.

PO2: Research and Business Intelligence.

PO3: Problem Solving and Decision Making.

PO4: Creativity and Innovation.

PO5: Intercultural Competence/Communication.

PO6: Teamwork.

PO7: Global Citizenship/Ethics (Collaborate, Negotiate and Resolve Conflicts)


PSO 1: Helps in applying the managerial Knowledge in the business for effective decision making

PSO 2: Experiential Learning through internship training

PSO 3: It helps to inculcate the Entreprenurial skill in the students.


1 Dr. V. Arul Mary Rexy Head of the Department M.COM.,Mphil.,MBA.,Ph.D., 17 Years Mangerial Economics, Business Communication,Business Taxation
2 Ms.R.Esther Martina Assistant Professor MBA.,M.Phil.,PGDHRM., 10 Years Finanical Accounting.,Operation Management.,Human Resource Management.,Services Marketing
3 Ms.R.Anjali Assistant Professor MBA., SET., 4 Years Marketing Management, Finanical Services.,Priniciple of Management,Business Environment
4 Ms.M.Latha Assistant Professor MBA.,M.Phil. Ph.D Pursuing 4 Years International Trade,Business Regulatory Work.,Customer Relationship Management



S.No  Name Designation Qualification Paper Handled Area Of Interest
1 Dr. M.Manivannan Head-in-Charge MBA, M.Phil.,Ph.D, Organisational Behaviour,
Advertising Management&  
Sales Promotion,
Materials Management.
Teaching, Administration & Entrepreneurship
2 Ms.Subashree.S. Assistant Professor SET., NET., Research Methodology,
Materials Management
Teaching, Administration & Entrepreneurship
3 Ms.Gabriyala Gladys.P Assistant Professor M.Phil. Entrepreneurial Development,
Financial Management,
Materials Management
Teaching, Administration & Entrepreneurship