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•Nazareth Update  | • B.Ed Admission Open - Contact : 75502 10918 / 73582 13498.

Scope Of The Course:

B.Com. remains the most popular undergraduate course in India as there is a lot of scope for making careers. Commerce is the most important industry in the country. It is one of the highest contributors to the economy. So, as the economy grows, the commerce industry will also grow along with careers in it. Therefore, a B.Com. has a lot of scope and will set you up for an excellent career. graduates have access to jobs from sectors such as teaching, banking, finance, IT, research Graduates have excellent employment opportunity both government and private available in front of them.

About The Course:

The Department of Commerce has grown tremendously over the years since its inception in the year 2000.The Department aims at maintaining academic excellence and equipping students with the skills necessary to face the challenges of the business world. The undergraduate and post graduate programme offers an innovative syllabus with caters to the varying needs of students. The Curriculum is delivered by experienced and qualified staff member synthesizing traditional and modern teaching pedagogies.Various co-curricular activities like seminars,workshops,exhibitions,inter-department competitions,etc. are facilitated to enrich the knowledge of the students.The Add on course in commerce place special emphasis on addressing real life business while the professional and skill Development Course expose students to get placed in reputed organisations. The Department also organizes MERX,an annual Inter Collegiate Commerece Cultural Events.

The Postgraduate Degree Programme in commerce was started in the year 2016.The core papers focus on areas such as Finance, Marketing and Human Resources.Seminars, Workshops and Guest lectures are an important part of the learning process, while Internship programmes helps students to obtain first hand information about the way in which a business concern functions.

Learning Outcome:

  • Promotes the students for professionalism, specialization, creativity and innovation in accounting and industry.
  • Helps to excel in business area and develop marketing skills.
  • Paves the way to become entrepreneur



PO1: Students will able to get advanced knowledge in special subjects like accounting, taxation, banking, insurance, corporate law, etc.

PO2: Students  will learn financial accounting career skill, applying both quantitative and qualitative  knowledge to their future in business

PO3: Students can able to engage in Professional courses like CA, ICWA, CMA, CS, etc.

PO4: Students will involve in various co-curricular activities like Product planning, Entrepreneurial development programme, Management event , etc., for the Practical exposure

PO5: Curriculum offers number of practical exposure  which would equip the students to face the challenges of 21st century in commerce and Business

PO6: Students will be able to do higher education and research in the field of commerce and finance


PO1: Students Will Demonstrate An Appropriate Level Of Expertise In Literary History, Literary Theory, And Rhetoric.

PO2: Students Will Demonstrate High-Level Proficiency In Literary Research And In The Synthesis Of Research.

PO3: Students Will Demonstrate Critical And Analytical Skills In The Interpretation And Evaluation Of Literary Texts.

PO4: Students Will Demonstrate A Command Of Written Academic English, Including The Abilities To A) Organize And Present Material In A Cogent Fashion, B) Formulate And Defend Original Arguments, C) Employ Effectively The Language Of Their Discipline And D) Write Under Time Constraints.

PO5: Students Will Demonstrate Reading Knowledge Of At Least One Foreign Language.

PO6: The Program Also Offers Students Pathways To Prepare For Doctoral Work.



PSO 1: To inculcate Entreprenuership and Managerial Skills in students so as to enable them to establish and manage their business effectively.

PSO 2: To enrich Marketing and Leadership skills sets of students

PSO 3: To cater to the manpower needs of companies in Accounting , Marketing, Management etc.,


PSO 1: Expert in literary history and literary theory

PSO 2: Students will possess high level proficiency in literary research and in the synthesis of research

PSO 3: To understand the development of the English Language as used in works of literature.


The College follows the curriculum framed by the University of Madras which is a the Choice Based Credit System(CBCS)


1 Ms.S.Dhivya Head of the Department
2 Mrs.D.Revathy Assistant Professor
3 Ms.Ierin Benita Assistant Professor
4 Mrs. Selvi Assistant Professor
5 Mr.Rahul Subramanian Assistant Professor
6 Mrs.Belsia Britto.A Assistant Professor
7 Ms.Asha Assistant Professor
8 Ms.Suganya Assistant Professor
9 Ms.Priyadharshni Assistant Professor
10 Ms.Omega Assistant Professor
11 Mrs.Jenita Assistant Professor
12 Dr.Adilinissa S Assistant Professor
13 Ms.Uma Devi Assistant Professor
14 Ms.Kamali S Assistant Professor


S.No Name Designation
1 Mrs.Jayalakshmi.K Head-in-Charge