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•Nazareth Update  | • B.Ed Admission Open - Contact : 75502 10918 / 73582 13498.

Scope Of The Course:

B.Com Corporate Secretaryship job opportunities for the graduated aspirants are flourishing the curve in India. Companies and industries are being established every year, giving job scope and proper salary placement in various sectors like banking, accounting, finance, etc.

B.Com Corporate Secretaryship jobs scope and career prospects for the aspirants who are pursuing the course are expected to get employed in various business fields as per their qualifications the job is granted.

About The Course:

The prime objective of this programme is to build a strong foundation in activities relating to the functioning of corporate undertakings. The programme will facilitate the learners in obtaining lucrative career options in corporate sector and also equips them to undertake courses like company secretaries, chartered accountancy, cost and work accountants and M.B.A.

Learning Outcome:

  • The main objective of this course is to enable every student to cope up with the latest developments in contemporary, national and global level through effective transaction of the curricular and co-curricular aspects.
  • The ultimate objective is to provide Corporate Secretaryship graduates who possess the skills, problem solving tools and professionalism essential for being successful.


PO1: Effective Communication: Communicate effectively on complex corporate activities in association with corporate community and with society at large.

PO2: Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to corporate ethics, responsibilities and norms of the corporate practices.

PO3: Environment: Manage personnel to meet changing organizational needs in a business environment. Evaluate the implications of changing environmental factors on organizational choices within a global environment.

PO4: Self Directed: Recognize the need for and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and lifelong learning. Able to motivate and direct themselves to face the complex corporate challenges.

PO5: To impart knowledge and skills needed to contribute to the corporate world


PSO1:  To prepare learners to face modern day challenges in the corporate world by providing practical exposure.

PSO2:  To acquire an in – depth grounding in the fundamentals of Accounts, Commerce, Finance, Management, Law, Entrepreneurial Development and Income Tax.

PSO3:  Develop skills to excel in job market.

PSO4: The course enabled the students to acquire the knowledge about Accounting, Law papers and computer skills. 

PSO5: They specialize in areas like Company law, Secretarial practice, General Laws, Industrial, Corporate laws and corporate governance.



CO1: Explain Final accounts.

 CO2: Analyse Rectification of errors in different stages of Accounting cycle. 

CO3: Describe method of calculation of Depreciation. 

CO4: Enumerate Single entry system.

 CO5: Explain Computation of fire insurance claims.

 CO6: Assess Account current and average due date


 CO1: Analyze of business letters

 CO2: Prepare Letter of enquiry, quotations, circular, letter of recommendation

 CO3: Discuss Company correspondence with shareholders, debenture holders and other stakeholders 

 CO4: Explain Report writing


CO1: It enable the students to understand the theories of Foreign trade in a wide aspect, idea regarding Balance of trade and Payment

CO2: To acquire specialized knowledge in international trade 

CO3: To learn about WTO and how globalization of Economy takes place


CO1: Prepare Branch accounts and departmental accounts

CO2: Illustrate Hire purchase and installment system

CO3: Describe Partnership accounts including admission, retirement and death of a partner and dissolution of partnership   


CO-1: To understand the various functions and levels of management, skills and roles performed by mangers in the organization.

 CO-2: To plan the organization and to take effective decisions for critical problems. 

CO-3: To understand the organization structure and various types of departmentation. 

CO-4: To learn the steps in delegating the authority and techniques involved in directing and motivating the employees. 

CO-5: To learn the ways to co-ordinate and control the organization


CO-1:  To make the students to understand the basic concepts of economics 

CO-2: To prepare the students to know about the demand and supply, laws of production and consumer behaviors.


CO1: Create mail merge, documents, templates and text formatting

CO2: Prepare worksheets and drawing graphs

CO3: Organize data and manipulate files

CO4: Create new slides and insert clip arts and pictures

Company Law & Secretarial Practice – II

CO1: Explain accounting treatment for Issue of shares, debentures and Redemption of preference shares 

CO3: Prepare Company final accounts 

CO4: Describe procedure for the Valuation of goodwill and shares CO5: Discuss Alteration of share capital

Corporate Accounting – II

CO1: Describe Meaning and characteristics of statistics 

CO2: Explain Presenting of data by using diagrammatic and graphical methods 

CO3: Analyse Measures of central tendency 

CO4: Analyse Measures of dispersion CO5: Analyse Measures of skewness

1 Ms.S.Deivayanai Head Incharge
2 Ms.Dharani Assistant Professor
3 Ms.Kanmani Assistant Professor
4 Dr.Sharmila Assistant Professor