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Scope Of The Course:

English Literature offers lots of potential career paths. English degree graduates are most wanted where strong communication and writing in English Skills are top priorities. The study of English Literature develops variety of skills in students. It introduces skills such as effective written and verbal communication, time management, organizational skills, team work, independent studies and research and developing persuasive arguments in students. With these marketable skills, graduates get placed in a wide variety of professional areas. The specialty of English degree is providing its pursuers excellent employment prospects in teaching, publishing, advertising, journalism, the law, social work, business, politics, public relations, human resources and academia. It also exposes the students to new possibilities that enable them try wide range tangle of career options.


A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within USA. “Franz Kafka”

The study of English is fundamental to the liberal arts and science education. To make this true, our department gained its start in the year 2005 and then onwards shows a deep growth towards its heights. Our PG programme was started in the year 2014. Extending its rich scholarly tradition, the department is committed to move with the time, constantly updating courses and teaching methods. The department also reaches out to all the students through Foundation Course in English and aims at enabling the students to become strong bilinguals, lifelong learners and efficient communicators.

About The Course:

Literature contributes to the growth of individuals with self-confidence and a firm sense of social responsibility. It equips students with critical, analytical, conceptual and communication skills which will enable them to work in many professions like teaching, journalism, publishing, translate on and editing.

Learning Outcome:

On successful completion of this program, graduates develop the following skills.

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  • Students will become accomplished active readers.
  • They will be able to write effectively for a variety of professional and social settings.
  • Students will develop an appreciation of how the formal elements of language and genre shape meaning.
  • They will gain knowledge of the major traditions of literatures written in English, and an appreciation for the diversity of literary.
  • Students will develop the ability to read works of literary, rhetorical, and cultural criticism, and deploy ideas from these texts in their own reading and writing.
  • Students will demonstrate the skills needed to participate in a conversation that builds knowledge collaboratively.



PO1: Realization Of Human Values.

PO2: Responsible And Dutiful Citizen.

PO3: Sense Of Social Service

PO4: Critical Temper

PO5: Creative Ability.

PO6: Developing the Poetic Devices and Their Usages


PO1: Students Will Demonstrate An Appropriate Level Of Expertise In Literary History, Literary Theory, And Rhetoric.

PO2: Students Will Demonstrate High-Level Proficiency In Literary Research And In The Synthesis Of Research.

PO3: Students Will Demonstrate Critical And Analytical Skills In The Interpretation And Evaluation Of Literary Texts.

PO4: Students Will Demonstrate A Command Of Written Academic English, Including The Abilities To A) Organize And Present Material In A Cogent Fashion, B) Formulate And Defend Original Arguments, C) Employ Effectively The Language Of Their Discipline And D) Write Under Time Constraints.

PO5: Students Will Demonstrate Reading Knowledge Of At Least One Foreign Language.

PO6: The Program Also Offers Students Pathways To Prepare For Doctoral Work.



PSO 1: It enhances the knowledge of foundational texts of British and American Literature

PSO 2: To Understand the historical  and cultural range of literature written in English

PSO 3: To Gain Knowledge of foundational texts of British and American Literature.


PSO 1: Expert in literary history and literary theory

PSO 2: Students will possess high-level proficiency in literary research and in the synthesis of research

PSO 3: To understand the development of the English Language as used in works of literature.

Industrial Visit

Head of the Department: Ms.Hema.V M.A., M. Phil., B.Ed.,

  S.No    Name  Designation Qualification Paper Handled Area Of Interest
1 Ms. Princy John Head of the Department M.A., M.A., (Linguistics)., M.Phil. English Language & Linguistics,
Origins & Development upto 18th Century.
Copy Editing, Content Writing,& Entrepreneurship
2 Mr. Rajesh. D Assistant Professor M.A & AME Studies British Literature, Indian Writing in
English, American Literature, Myth & Literature.
American Fiction, Content Writing,& Proofreading.
3 Ms. Archana G.M Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil.,M.Ed., Literary Criticism and Literary Theory,
From Chaucer To 17th Century, Background to the study of English Literature-I
Literary Criticism & Women’s Writing.
4 Mr.V. Arun Theoder Raj Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil.,M.Sc.Coun & Psychology Classics in Translation, Introduction to
Translational Studies, General English-I
American Literature, Teaching & Entrepreneurship.
5 Mr. Pandiyan. R Assistant Professor M.A., D.T.Ed., B.Ed.,M.Phil., Post-Colonial Literature,English Language &
Usage, Foundation English.
Literary Criticism, Grammar,& Counselling.
6 Mr. Spurgeon Ben .B Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil., British Literature-I., Communication Lab. Journalism,Film & Literature,Entrepreneurship.
7 Ms. P. Indhumathi Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed British Literature-III, Foundation English. Indian Writting in English,Feminism, Teaching & Entrepreneurship.
8 Mr. R. Hariharan Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil., Foundation Course & Soft Skill. American Literature, Post-Colonial Lit. and Post-Modernism.
9 Ms.G.Vaishnavi Assistant Professor M.A., NET., Indian Writing In English, Translation Studies,& Women’s Writing. Indian Literature, Teaching and Entrepreneurship
10 Ms.D. Rhodas Daisy Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil., Introduction to Literary Theories, Foundation Course. Feminist Writing, Allied and Criticism.
11 Dr.M.Kishore kumar Assistant Professor M.A.,Ph.D., Shakespeare Studies, American Literature African-American Literature and Criticism