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 •  College reopens on 18/07/2022(Monday) for II and III year students. | • Reopening date will be announced shortly for I year students +91 93840 80203

 •  College reopens on 18/07/2022(Monday) for II and III year students. | • Reopening date will be announced shortly for I year students

Scope Of The Course:

  • Graphic Designer
  • 2D / 3D Animator
  • VFX Artist
  • Game Development
  • Video Editor
  • Photographer
  • Cinematographer
  • IT officer in bank sector
  • Audio Recorder
  • Film Maker
  • Creative Marketing
  • Media / Journalist


The department was started in the year 2019 with initial strength of 6 students. It aims at holistic development of its students in the use of Visual communication, B.Sc Vis Com is an innovative Graduate program that prepares students for careers in the media Industry.

About The Course:

Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication Program coordinates three distinct approaches to the media: practical application, historical study, and critical analysis. Practical application combines intensive training in Drawing & Painting, Graphic Design, 2D & 3D Animation Softwares, Camera, Light & Audio equipment operation, production design and a professional internship. Historical study focuses on the evolution of the mass media and the relationship of the mass media to society. Critical analysis explores media ethics, analysis and evaluation.



Students who complete the three-year B.Sc. Visual Communication program will be qualified to work in the media industry as director, art director, cinematographer, graphic artist, desktop publisher, customer service execution, digital photographer, web designer, instructional designer, animator, cartoonist, production assistant, ad photographer, and event manager, among other positions. The course improves students’ media skills and their ability to handle video equipment and cameras, as well as their knowledge of audio and video production editing software and their ability to multitask in the media field.




  • Equip themselves in potentially rich & employable fields of media.
  • Pursue higher studies in the area of media production.
  • Take up self-employment in the Indian & global entertainment market.
  • Meet the requirements of the Industrial standards.


Mr. Bagath


Sound Editing

Television Production

Fine Arts



Film Editing



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Art Work by VisCom Student

Frequently Asked Questions

What specializations are available in B.Sc. Visual Communication?

  • Drawing
  • Graphic Design
  • Computer Graphics
  • Mass Communication
  • Advertising
  • Film & TV Production
  • 3D Animation
  • Web Publishing

Are there any opportunities to work abroad?

  • Opportunities are available for graduates with sound subject knowledge

  • Depending upon the personal interest and inclination, a Visual Communication professional can choose a job.

  • Jobs in this field have an attractive profile and are high paying

  • In USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand &Western countries as well as Middle-East Asia.

Are there any internship programs available during the period of study in this course?

  • Internship is mandatory.

  • Students are required to do minimum 30 days (1 month) of internship after the end of semester V in their specialization subject of VI semester.

What kind of support does the college provide for internships?

The college provides specific guidelines for internships and refers students to Media organizations like Sun TV, Vijay TV, Colors Tamil, Zee Tamil, Production Houses, Post Production Studios and Advt. Agencies, where they can apply for internships.


What are the laboratory facilities provided by the college?

  • The students are exposed to the creative practices inside the campus in state-of-the-art studios which are equipped with industry’s latest technologies.

  • The department prides over its well equipped state-of-the-art Audio lab, Edit suite, Photographic lab & Multimedia lab. Practical classes are held in these laboratories by dedicated and well qualified faculty, who make sure every student is thorough and has had hands-on-experience in these.

In what kind of industries do we get job offers, after completing B. Sc. EM?

  • Film Production Houses

  • Media Organizations such as TV Broadcast Groups, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio Stations

  • Public Relations Firms

  • Digital Marketing Agencies

  • Marketing Agencies

  • Advertising Agencies

  • Software Companies in their marketing and communication departments

  • Visual Communication/Media Colleges (or training institutes).