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 •  College reopens on 18/07/2022(Monday) for II and III year students. | • Reopening date will be announced shortly for I year students +91 93840 80203

 •  College reopens on 18/07/2022(Monday) for II and III year students. | • Reopening date will be announced shortly for I year students

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National Assessment and Accreditation Council

Nazareth College of Arts And Science - National Assessment and Accreditation Council

NAAC accreditation is mandatory for all the higher learning institutes, particularly state universities. Without NAAC accreditation, universities are not eligible for UGC grants, RUSA grants, financial aid etc. On the other hand, NAAC accreditation determines the quality of the institute in terms of education, infrastructure, research, teaching & learning etc.

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DVV Clarification

Nazareth College of Arts And Science
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3.2. Number of Sanctioned posts year wise during the last five years


  • I’m a firm believer in the fact that you get out of college what you put into it. The same is true of any situation, but our Nazareth college is one of the first huge milestones in life. And it’s about more than book learning (although obviously you’re there to learn) — it’s about getting out on your own for the first time, exploring new things, meeting new people, and learning everything from how to conduct research properly to how to deal with difficult and/or awesome situations. So if you’re about to start your freshman year? Don’t freak out. You’ll probably have a blast at NCAS. Our College is about figuring out who you are. Why not have fun doing it? I was lucky enough to learn in this college because learning here is awesome. It’s especially awesome if you happen to have great professors;

    Thirukumar Balaraman,
    Senior Associate, Cognizant USA Corp , USA.
  • Am proud to have pursued my under graduation in Nazareth college of Arts and science, where I have stepped in as student and came out as a responsible citizen and a leader with imparting of the highest quality education through dedicated staffs and I could very proudly say that NCAS has made me who I am today

    Corporate account manager, OYO (Asia’s largest Hospitality Company)
  • It was most unforgettable days of my life. I had learnt so much during my days at College. The staff were very supportive and encouraged me to grow up. It was a great start for my career.

    Assistant Professor, Jaya College of Arts And Science

Industrial Tie Up


S.No Metrices PDF
1 1.2.1 Percentage of new courses introduced of the total number of courses across all programs offered during the last five years View
2 1.2.2 Percentage of programs in which Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)/elective course system has been implemented View
3 1.2.3 Average percentage of students enrolled in subject related Certificate/ Diploma /Add-on programs as against the total number of students during the last five years View
4 1.3.3 Percentage of students undertaking field projects / internships View
5 1.4.2: Feedback processes of the institution may be classified as follows: View
6 2.1.1 Average percentage of students from other States and Countries during the last five years View
7 2.2.1: The institution assesses the learning levels of the students, after admission and organises special programs for advanced learners and slow learners View
8 2.3.1: Student centric methods, such as experiential learning, participative learning and problem solving methodologies are used for enhancing learning experiences View
9 2.3.2 Percentage of teachers using ICT for effective teaching with Learning Management Systems (LMS), e-learning resources etc. View
10 2.4.4 Average percentage of full time teachers who received awards, recognition, fellowships at State, National, International level from Government, recognised bodies
3.3.2 The institution provides incentives to teachers who receive state, national and international recognition/awards
11 3.5.2 Number of functional MoUs with institutions of national, international importance, other universities, industries, corporate houses etc. during the last five years (only functional MoUs with ongoing activities to be considered) View
12 3.5.1 Number of linkages for faculty exchange, student exchange, internship, field trip, on-the-job training, research, etc during the last five years View
13 3.2.2: Number of workshops/seminars conducted on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Industry-Academia Innovative practices during the last five years View
14 6.2.1: Perspective/Strategic plan and Deployment documents are available in the institution View
15 6.4.3: Institutional strategies for mobilisation of funds and the optimal utilisation of resources View
16 6.5.1: Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has contributed significantly for institutionalizing the quality assurance strategies and processes View
17 6.5.2: The institution reViews its teaching learning process, structures & methodologies of operations and learning outcomes at periodic intervals through IQAC set up as per norms View
18 7.1.13: Display of core values in the institution and on its website View
19 7.1.14 The institution plans and organizes appropriate activities to increase consciousness about national identities and symbols; Fundamental Duties and Rights of Indian citizens and other constitutional obligations View
20 7.1.15: The institution offers a course on Human Values and professional ethics View