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Nazareth TQM

Nazareth Total Quality Management System

1. Nazareth Quality Control

This unit is concerned with maintaining the quality standards of the college. Nazareth Quality Control is a monitoring unit that will conduct the following activitites.

a. Annual Internal and External Academic Audit – Departments
b. Annual Internal and External Administrative Audit
c. Annual Faculty Performance Appraisal
d. Strategic plan and development

Period of Audit – Feb – March Every year
Auditing will happen based on all the criterion published by NAAC

2. Nazareth Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning

The centre will seek to enhance the quality of the teaching and learning of faculty and students at Nazareth College of Arts and Science. The Nazareth Centre will encompass Nazareth Academic enrichment program for students and teaching enrichment program for faculty. This centre will be initiated from June 2018 by IQAC for quality enhancement and will be a platform for sharing ideas and insights both for students and faculty

3. Nazareth Centre for Faculty Excellence

Nazareth Centre for Faculty Excellence (NCFE) is a proposal for the post initiative accreditation process of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell of Nazareth College of Arts and Science. NCFE is proposed to be initiated for the purpose of ensuring quality and excellence in the field of teaching and administration and related activities in Nazareth College of Arts and Science. This program will focus on personality enrichment and team building thereby bringing about a positive change in the organizational culture. This centre for excellence is guided and monitored by the Managing Committee/Advisory Committee who will look into the affairs of day to day activities of the Centre.

4. Nazareth Centre for Administrative Excellence

“A little effort, a lot of admiration”

NCAE refers to the high quality of work and the maximum amount of service that the administrative staff carries out in all the responsibilities. This cell focuses the administrative staff and co workers to reach the high level of job performance. NCAE is working toward exceeding routine expectations of management, co workers and students.

There are 5Ps in our administrative excellence. They are perception, purpose, progress, partnership and professionalism.

5. Nazareth Academic Enrichment Programme

Academic enrichment programme for students is a programme designed to enhance the college experience of first generation, low income and other underepresented students by providing a combination of effective advisement and mentorship. Student development opportunities academic coaching and multiple different learning experience. NAEP will engage educationists, corporate executives, National leaders, Entrepreneurs, Social Activists, Administration, Teachers to reach out to the students.

6. Nazareth Teacher Enrichment Programme

This program provides opportunities for teachers in Nazareth College with leading academicians and experts from industry and to explore cutting edge research and make enrich their knowledge on the related subjects. NTEP will engage the faculty in discussion, debate and presentation of papers and topics in the recent trends related to their subjects.

Quality Initiative of IQAC

Year Name of quality initiative by IQAC
2013-14 FDP on Effective Communication & the Path to Excellence
2014-15 FDP on Effective Classroom teaching strategies and Behavioural Management of college students
FDP on Relieving Stress and enhance the creativity of the staff
Effective Spoken English Crash Course
2015-16 FDP on The attitude of the staff members for the complete personality of the students and their coordinators with co-workers and higher Authorities
2016-17 FDP Excellence of Teaching
Workshop on Research Methods
FDP on Holistic Excellence in Teaching
2017-18 FDP on Advancement of Psychological Wellness
National Workshop on Mixed Methodology
Workshop on Teaching Excellence in Higher education
International Conference on the importance of Literature and its impact on society
FDP on Elevating Habit of effective People
International conference on the Recent Trends in Commerce