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SDG Book Project volume 1

SDG Book Project volume 1

SDG Book project is a collective research project based on local issues and directed towards the 17 Sustainable Goals of United Nations. The Second-year students of all the 9 departments were divided into 26 projects coordinated by 26 faculties and students.

Please find below the list of Projects assigned to each department. The book project will be complete by December 2023 and ready for publishing in the year 2024.

Sl.No Departmrnts SDG Goal SDG Target Research Topic Faculty Incharge
1. BBA 6 6.3 A study on wastage of Water in gated communities Ms. Esther Martina
2. B. Com General 1 A study on how youth adopt kindness in their life Ms. Suganya
3. B. Com General 2 2.2 A study on everyday health choices of food that affect their health Ms. Asha
4. BCA 2 2.4.1 Challenges of Jasmine farming at Arikambattu Village Ms. Mary Santha Priya
5. M. Sc CS 7 7.3 A study on the main consumers of energy on School Campus Ms. Devimano
6. BBA 2 A study on students awareness on organic foods Ms. Latha
7. B.A English 12 A study on spending behaviour among women Ms. Sivaranjani
8. M. Com 12 12.5 A study on the type of the waste produced by educational institutions Ms. Dhivya
9. B. Com Shift II 12 12.5 A study on waste disposal system adopted by health care settings Ms. Jayalakshmi
10. B. Com Shift II 12 12.5 A study on vegetable & fruit waste disposal adopted by the street vendors Ms. Dharani
11. B. Sc CS 11 11.3 A study on the student’s preference to use public transport to commute to college Ms. Kaviyarasi
12. B. Com General 3 3.4 A study on fitness routine followed by students in higher educational institutions Ms. Omega
13. B. Com General 12 12.5 A study on use of single use cups among customers in roadside shops Ms. Priyadharshini
14. B. Com CS 12 12.5 A study on practices of using own bags to shop to reduce plastic bags Mr. Rahul Subramanian
15. B.A English 12 12.5 A study on supermarkets that use plastic free bags Ms. Mathivadhani
16. BCA 15 15.5 A study on the challenges faced by Aringnar Anna Zoo official s- during covid 19 to preserve the zoo Ms. Celine Kavina Mary
17. BCA 12 12.3 A study on organic food consumption among families Ms. Gnanaselvi
18. BCA 3 4.6 A study on math’s readiness among children in high schools Ms. Gayatri
19. B. Com General 6 6.3 A study on daily water usage among public Ms. Belsia Britto
20. M.A English 8 8.5 A study on the challenges of women vendors in Avadi Municipality Ms. Bhavani Sindhuja
21. B. Com General 3 3.6 Impact of bad roads on the commuters in Avadi Ms. Jennita
22. MSW 11 11.5 A study on disaster preparedness among government schools in Avadi Ms. Angel Monika
23. BSW 6 6.6 A study on the lakes and its biodiversity in Avadi Mr. Krishnaraj
24. B. Com CS 7 7.2 A study on the effectiveness of owner of electric vehicles in Avadi Ms. Kanmani
25. B. Sc CS 11 11.2 A study on choice of transportation among adolescents in Metropolitan cities Ms. Yuvarani
26. B. Sc Maths & Vis. Com 8 8.5 A study on challenges of women autorickshaw drivers in Chennai Ms. Alan Lydia